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Swiss Arabian - AMAALI Concentrated Perfume Oil

Swiss Arabian - AMAALI Concentrated Perfume Oil

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Amaali is a dedication to a woman with high hopes and big dreams. She seeks to achieve the impossible. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a sparkle in her eyes. Amaali opens with juicy pineapple, crisp green apple and zesty lemon. Making a statement right from the start, the colorful fruits add life to a cold night. A breathtakingly feminine bouquet of white jasmine petals and deep red roses bring the heart of the fragrance out into the moonlit air, leaving an enchanting floral trail in your wake. This fragrance, just like the woman who wears it, is full of surprises. As the petals meld seamlessly into woody sensual territory, a radiant accord of golden vanilla and silky caramel emerges, making you smell unforgettably delicious all night long. Amaali for her is a concentrated perfume oil.

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