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Valentino Donna Born In Roma Intense - Eau De Parfum

Valentino Donna Born In Roma Intense - Eau De Parfum

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Valentino Garavani BORN IN ROMA INTENSE ignites the spark of celebration, reminiscent of the eternal city by night. This fragrance takes the bold tone of the original scent towards a warmer, more sensual expression:

- The first provocation comes from VANILLA BOURBON, infusing the fragrance with warm, honey-like tones.
- The central note is imbued with a TRIO OF JASMINE FLOWERS, giving the fragrance a powerful, fruity twist.
- The base note comes from BENZOIN RESIN, which further enhances the vanilla notes, and heightens the intensity of the fragrance.

The bottle, featuring black to pink gradient tones, remains true to the design code of the original BORN IN ROMA, and symbolises the night falling slowly over the city, signalling the start of the fun. 
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